Coaching with Julia

Imagine waking up every day feeling completely free to be you!
I help women say yes to creating and living the life they actually want. It can be really painful putting your dreams and needs on the back burner, or worse yet denying them altogether because you’re feeling uncertain, afraid or powerless. Whether you want to rev up your love life, discover your purpose, trek the Himalayas or change careers I have the tools and methods to help you get there.

I’m an experienced Certified Coach in personal development who has helped CEO’S, entrepreneurs, empty-nesters, artists, writers, mama’s, and millennials say a big courageous yes to their desires and dreams and create the life they’ve deeply longed for.
A life of freedom, joy, creativity and abundance.
No more waiting for the perfect moment, no more looking for permission from others, no more holding back! Now that’s empowering.

Women's Life Coach, Julia

“Julia is a loving, practical and caring life coach. Her strengths lie in listening and reframing situations, enabling YOU to take constructive suggestions to meet your life goals. She assists you in putting together a framework so you can create your happiness and joy picture just as YOU visualize it.”
~ Wendy, NY ~

3 month private coaching experience
I help you figure out what you actually want and why and help you go get it. I’ll hold you to the promises and commitments you make to yourself throughout your 3-month journey. You’ll have fun, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and get the results you’ve been longing for. You’ll be so glad you didn’t wait another day to start living your life on your terms. Trust me I know. I offer unique and specific ways to look at your innermost issues, useful tools to explore the possibilities, inspiring and thought provoking homework and loads of support and accountability.

This is for you if
You’re committed to making some real changes in your life  •  you are willing to do the deep work with yourself   •  you’re willing to stop blaming your life circumstances, your old boss, your dog, your spouse (fill in the blank) for why you aren’t where you want to be.  •  you’re willing to trust that your heart and intuition are your greatest resource.

“After suffering with the loss of a sibling, a marriage in distress and the demands of raising two children, Julia has helped me to see, for the first time, why my life wasn’t reflective of what I wanted it to be. In just a few sessions, I have learned more and made more progress than I ever thought possible. She is simply invaluable and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
~ Katie, CT ~

During our work together you’ll experience:
Clarity and insight about you and your life desires  •  Enjoy a deeper sense of well being  •  Shift from doubt and uncertainty to inspired and enthusiastic  •  Learn practices to keep you committed to your heart’s desires.

Your package includes:
1 on 1 Life Coaching
6 one hour phone coaching sessions, twice per month for 3 months
Support between sessions via email
Customized, meaningful homework to keep the momentum going

6 coaching sessions for $750

Complimentary Call:
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary info call to cover any questions you might have. We’ll also chat about what’s going on in your life and what you’re interested in coaching on.

A few words about Coaching vs Therapy
Coaching is for emotionally healthy people and focuses on personal development and growth. Coaching is about discovering your unique qualities, determining your values and examining the thoughts you have about yourself and your life in order to help you live the life you desire.
Therapy helps people with mental health issues and often involves diagnosis and corresponding treatment.

“Julia has really helped me build my confidence and brand at work.  Before I started working with Julia, I felt stuck at my current level and a little frustrated about it. The insights uncovered and skills I’ve developed with her have helped me grow, and demonstrate that growth with my teams and my boss.”
~ Anne, NYC ~