About Julia, Women's Life Coach

The idea for Upscale Hippie was born, as many great ideas are born, by accident. Not long ago, an acquaintance endearingly called me an “upscale hippie”. He was poking fun at the disparate sides of me. Literally the upscale and the hippie. In his observation he saw me as this funky combination of the suburbanite wife, mom and community do-gooder and an incense burning, spirituality talking bohemian.

That moniker, spoken in jest, planted a seed of an idea in me. One that’s matured and blossomed into a vision then a mission and now a movement.

Upscale Hippie is here to encourage your confidence, freedom and personal empowerment in a world that can be demanding and complex. Here’s to living life on your terms and in your own amazing and unique way.

Julia Turner, Women's Life Coach

My Story…
After our family suffered a tragic loss nothing felt or looked the same in my life as it had before. I found myself re-evaluating pretty much everything about me, my relationships and my choices and I ended up having what I can only call a personal awakening.

I was finally able to admit that I was someone who has:
let the opinions of others influence my choices  •  worried a lot about what people thought of me  •  believed I wasn’t good enough  •  compared myself to others and often believed I was lacking something  •  held myself back from opportunities  •  squashed my dreams before I gave them a chance of possibility  •  limited so many parts of my life out of fear

In every one of these cases I was giving my power away by belittling the very best parts of me and ignoring my deepest longings. And once I said it out loud, I decided the fear and hiding and unrealized dreams was not going to be the story of my life.

I deserved so much more.

Honestly, I was exhausted from being small, afraid and unfulfilled. So, I started to look at everything about me. The vulnerability, the shame filled mistakes, the losses. All of it.  And the healing began to happen in earnest when I let go of the power I gave it and saw it as simply a piece of my life story.  I was able to finally show some love to all the parts of me. I began to practice showing up as me. As unapologetically and bravely as I could be.  Small steps toward my truth. A little at a time.  And with every one of those steps it got easier. This is a lifetime practice and I’m ok with that.

Some of the things I’ve learned
I don’t need anyone’s permission to do life my way  •  I will never enjoy all that I want from my life if I am sitting on the sidelines watching and not doing  •  The size of my house, the brand of my car, the school my kids attended is not a measure of my worth  •  Nobody cares what I’m doing. Not really. They’re too busy worrying about themselves to actually notice if I’m getting it right or wrong  •  I can take that beach vacation AND have fun even if my body isn’t what it used to be in a bikini  •  If I believe in me and show it, others are way more likely to believe it too  •  When I push my feelings down they have this uncanny knack for rising back up again and again until I take notice  •  I have the power to make my life awesome and the power to crush it to pieces  •  And when I fail or make a mistake I consider it the best feedback ever to help me adjust and keep moving on

I have radically changed my life and you can too!  It’s never too late. And it’s why I’m so passionate about helping women like you harness your innate personal power now. I am on a mission to help you lead the passionate, inspired and creative life that genuinely reflects you!

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